Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to introduce Rene Garza and Associates, Inc.  An investigative agency that is a one-stop service for all workers’ compensation and comprehensive liability cases.  Rene Garza and Associates, Inc. is located in Central California, and provides professional services to a wide range of clients throughout California in Sub-Rosa investigations.  Our experience is vast, with over 30 years of successful service and competent delivery. 

Ivestigative Service

  • Workers’ Compensation (Sub-Rosa - AOE/COE)
  • Criminal Defense Investigations
  • Pre-Employment Background & Reference Checks
  • Extensive expertise in services to Farm Labor Contracting, Education, and Industrial agencies regarding personnel & liability claims. 

Our Investigators are reputable, experienced individuals, offering a strong diverse background in investigations. We employ several investigators who are fluent bilingual in Spanish and English.  Investigators conduct strategic investigations with the greatest of confidentiality, prudence, and professionalism, that is expected from our clients. 

Our commitment to our clients, seasoned expertise, and exceptional effectiveness make Rene Garza and Associates, Inc. a premier investigative agency in the State of California.  We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive information possible to make informed decisions.  In short, whatever the Sub-Rosa, AOE/COE, Criminal Investigation, Background check, we are confident we can provide expert solutions that will meet your investigative needs. 

Core Services

Rene Garza & Associates, Inc.  has built a reputation in the insurance fraud industry as a lead provider of services which are considered above and beyond the competition. We retain the most comprehensive and fully-integrated network of qualified investigative specialists throughout the State of California. 

Allow Rene Garza & Associates, Inc. to personalize the following services to meet your unique needs.


  • Surveillance/ Activity Check AOE/COE (All Investigators are bilingual English/Spanish)
  • Background Investigations
  • SIU Fraud
  • Skip Tracing
  • Due Diligence
  • Recorded Statements for Workers’ Comp, Auto, Liability, and Personnel investigations
  • Transcription Services- (Spanish to English)


We are statewide in California

Map of California